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We are experts in the implementation of large scale branding and nameplate operations to promote company images, tradenames or organizers during sporting and cultural events.

Through communication support mediums, interior or exterior nameplates, branding, computation reports, we offer analyzed, personalized or customized solutions, so that our clients have sufficient visibility in order to reach their objectives.

From the inception to the project installation, we accompany our clients to enable them to optimize their visibility within the respect of their budget. That is why client advice is fundamental for us. Each project is thereby followed by participants who are able to respond to our client’s requests and needs. Therefore, we accompany you in the definition and operational implementation of your communication. 

To manage a project from start to finish, our logisitic teams shall shoot locations and measure dimensions on site in order to assess the needs and anticipate the various constraints. Therefore, we shall orientate our clients as best we can in the choice of their support mediums and matierals to use. This is in order to ensure together the success and performance of your “events communication”. 

Post-event, our teams shall ensure the disassembly that both fully respect the premises and the materials used. The latter are used for recycling so that both our organizations participate in sustainable development.

Our Company

BR-Events is involved on behalf of numerous international clients in the organization of their events in France and abroad. Our teams operate for more than 16 countries throughout Asia and North America going through the Middle-East and Europe. 

Our group accompanies its clients throughout all their projects as a result of the skills of their various teams. Our clients’ loyalty is based on a printing trader and a mechanical welder able to both offer advice and design upstream to source the best products in the world within the respect of the United Nations Global Compact.

Our added value is to ensure the follow-up of the integral project whilst offering in addition a logistics support as a result of dedicated teams on-site. Our clients use the strategic and operational advice for each communication support medium from the beginning through to the end of the project. 

Therefore, BR-Events offers know-how based on several essential phases for the success of your projects. From advice through to the fulfillment, production and product recycling, our experienced team adjusts the flow and the supply-chain to respect your delays and maintain high-level quality standards. 

This set of skills is fully dedicated for you and shall enable a rigorous and integral project follow-up in order to obtain a maximum yield in the success of your project, our mutual project!

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We don’t have a video of team members looking happy at their work, or participating in a special event evening on a sunny beach with our clients somewhere across the globe. Rather assess us on the quality and professionalism that we develop every day to satisfy our clients and meet our objectives.

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